Monday, October 1, 2012

News Ewe Can Yuze four October

Dear The Internet,

October is shaping up to be a very busy month. I know that saying that you are "busy" is an annoying humble-brag, but in this case, in this month, it is utterly true. Not to sound like I am complaining, which it probably does, but the non-studio stuff relates to exhibiting work, which is also part of the purpose of making it. For me anyway. Sorry for all of the comma splicing, but I have had a lot of coffee.

So here is the news in chronological order.

At (e)merge, October 4th -7th, you will see some new paintings. Four or five to be exact. Some having to do with a new series of landscapes that I have been making generally referred to, by me, as "Views of Drapery Mountain".

Then a week later on the 12th, a handful of those Drapery Mountain paintings will again be on view at Delicious Spectacle in a group show called Conventional Wisdom. For those who don't know, Delicious Spectacle is an alternative space that has recently emerged to a good amount of acclaim. Their two previous shows have been awesome, so I am excited to have been asked to participate.

Then on the 18th, I am at Hamiltonian with one work donated to their benefit Call Collect. I contributed a good drawing that ultimately became a good painting. Ticketing info is above.

After that I am giving a talk/pitch at Kitchen of Innovation (KOI) on the evening of the 20th. This is a project driven, micro-grant event. Therefore I have to speak convincingly and somewhat entertainingly about a project that has long been steeping in my mind. I don't think that the list of participants has actually been released yet, so I will keep it under my hat. Anyway, there will be food and drink as part of the cost of admission.

Then finally on Halloween, I am giving a talk at MICA to their painting students. Not to overuse the term "excited", but I am excited because I like talking to the kids. They usually politely laugh at my jokes. Hopefully they come out instead of putting the finishes on their costumes.

So, that is October. Please come out to one, or all, of these events to see the new work, say "hi", have a cocktail, or just stand there awkwardly. I plan on doing all three.

Your Pal,

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