Friday, February 17, 2012

El Pato Completo

Next Wednesday the 22nd at 7p.m., I am giving a talk at Hamiltonian Gallery concerning my paintings in general, and Buddy Pictures (my show not the film genre) specifically.

Above is a what the finished "Plato" painting looks like. Tis a fine mallard. Actually, funny story...I went to the Natural History Museum last week to look at some stuffed water foul and realized that my mallard's markings are a little off. It's not important to the painting to be "duck stamp" accurate, but marginally correct would be nice. Anyway, after realizing my mistake I went over to NGA to visit the painting that inspired me to make a duck painting and realized his was even less correct than mine. This reassured me. Though Spanish mallards might be different than DC mallards. Not sure.

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