Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teasers, Habits, and Talking

Matthew Mann: Buddy Pictures Artist Talk from Hamiltonian Artists on Vimeo.

Hello Comrades,

Above is a vimeo of a talk I gave about two weeks ago at Hamiltonian Gallery. In structuring the talk I made sure to leave lots of thoughtful gaps so that you can fill in your own bits of dialog. Sort of like an improv sketch!

Otherwise I have a sort of apocalyptic pheasant painting going (pretty well I might add) as well as a painting of a quail in a hole. I will post some sort of evidence soon-ish so that all of this makes sense. Also I have a couple of things going that I can't quite get my mind around, and can't yet divulge.

New habits that I have formed:
all things Alan Partridge
The Information by James Gleick
Butterfly in the Typewriter by Cory MacLauchlin (a bio about John Kennedy Toole -the guy who wrote the great American novel Confederacy of Dunces)
Paul F. Tompkins' appearances on Comedy Bang Bang

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