Friday, October 7, 2011

Road to Pastrana

Above is an image of a work by Angela de la Cruz. She is part of the reason why the Passion of St. George quadryptic took the shape that it did. She was on my mind again because I was blanking on her name in a recent conversation.

In studio news I have also been focusing on a painting with a rainbow in it. It is a decapitation parable. I am also working on a small panel painting with a glacier and icebergs. I have been kicking this idea around for a while. It is sort of a revenge painting. The third painting is barely out of underpainting stage, but I am very excited to work on it eventually. It depicts an attack upon some encroaching drapery. I am sort of thinking about these paintings as "buddy pictures" a la Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Sort of.

Reading: Stealing the Mystic Lamb by Noah Charney (Art heist history about the Ghent Altarpiece - the most stolen masterpiece in history apparently.)
Drinking: Stoudts American Pale Ale
Wearing: Levis and an orange wristwatch
Eating: Yes, please.
Future looking: Pastrana Tapestries, De Kooning, and hopefully Per Kirkeby

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