Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is what the studio looks like right now. None of the paintings shown here have real titles yet, of course.

On the wall at the back we have the "blood rainbow" painting on the left and the "drapery fight" on the right. On the easel is the just completed "iceberg hunters" painting. This one is very horizontal in that I didn't hem in the image by trees or foliage or clouds. I was also toying with weather.

I may have paraphrased this John Constable passage before, but I think about it so often while painting weather. While lecturing at the Royal Academy he prescribed that one should be able to determine the weather based on your clouds. Beyond just "cloudy" I assume. Anyway, I actually don't aspire to that at all, but I like the extremity of the statement. You can find the lecture in Hershel Chipp's Theories of Modern Art. I probably mis-remembered it. You might want to check.

As far as a lifestyle:
Eating: Sweet Potato Gratin
Drinking: Redemption Rye (makes a great Old Fashioned)
Wearing: a cape
Listening: Disco Zombies re-issue "Drums Over London"
Reading: remixthebook by Mark Amerika (Because I have to.)

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