Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steady As She Goes

The Source Theatre Festival piece has a name! That name is Perspectivoyage: The Mann Bobb McCauley Experience. We have worked out some "interesting and artistic" dance moves that will blow your mind. The tone of the piece is as irreverent as the title suggests.
Also associated with this project is a headache originating with Utrecht for supplies for the backdop and props. This I think is resolved, if "Utrecht Melissa" is to be trusted. She sounded nice on the phone. Which is just what she wanted me to think! My order status has been "processing" for about three weeks and the clock is ticking.

I finally got my head around a cowboy banquet painting that will be huge (within reason). Coming in 2012.

I finally devised some ways and means and orientations for the fragment-y, multi-paneled painting. It is probably only going to be a triptych or a quadriptych the first time out. I might actually go for the full furlong (660 feet) in the next year.

Stereoscopes are in the back of my mind. Not much else I can say about that...

I also have good news that I am not entirely at liberty to divulge. It is more fun that way, but several of you already know what it is. I also have to keep a lid on it out of respect for others. There will be a public announcement later this month I think.

Oh, jeez! I just remembered I am talking about Uncle Jack Dey (pictured) and my own work at the Luce Center next month, so I have some homework to do.

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