Saturday, June 4, 2011

Conservative Agenda

As you have probably heard Kansas has done the unthinkable. Governor Sam Brownback has done away with its Art Commission (a staff of five and budget of $689,000).  Un-fucking-believable. I mean, seriously it isn't even a matter of taste as the Shropshire Slasher Brownback seems to think. It isn't a dogs playing poker versus Picasso thing. Worse yet he is trying to set an example.

This, to me, is the same chauvinism that led to the Wojnarowicz fiasco and keeps an important segment of the population away from the arts. As if poopypants Brownback is saying, "it's for those people, not you and me." Sort of like how cults/mafia/gangs work, no? Like, "We together are a family and them over there are against you/us. Let's us circle the wagons against the tyranny of creative culture."

This is complete bullshit because art is actually available for everybody at every turn. How many buildings do you see in a day, or internet hours logged? Do you drive a car, or sit in a chair, or read a magazine? All designed by someone or a committee of someones using a combination of system and intuition. You, dear audience, just have to show up. Actually you don't even have to do that since some quantity of artistic expression is all around anyway. Unfortunately this legislation makes the innovations that bring about such things a lot more difficult in KS.

Anyway, I am slowly taking procession of my new studio in NE. Whenever I get re-settled I will have you over for drinks.

More news on the way...

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