Monday, April 18, 2011

He's Not Ageist, He's My Brother

In continuing stereo-stuff news, I have devised a way to mitigate the need for stereo goggles, glasses, or some other stereo viewing devise. I still need to mess around with it, but my thought is basically to animate two stereo images and loop it, hoping that they fuse visually. Here's hoping iMovie can shrink the frames enough. That means that there is yet another expense for the project. Final Cut Pro and a new computer to drive it. Oy!

As for my other studio stuff, I have stretched up some panels to continue the furlong painting. I don't think that I will be able to actually get to a furlong (660 feet), but we shall see. It is more of an exquisite corpse painting with myself, though the images are different formats and depths, but each is a continuation of the other. Makes sense right?

I am also doing an 18'x18' painting and some props for the Source Festival as my contribution to the Artistic Blind Dates. I have been looking at a lot of circus advertising, illuminated manuscripts, and Picasso in order to summon up some courage. I am pretty excited to not be myself for this one, while being entirely myself to a great degree. I should also say that I am helping develop the actual narrative as well and we have all kind of agreed that reason is overrated. More or less.

In case you are still reading this, I visited the Terry Winters talk on the most beautiful Thursday yet of 2011. He is one of my favorite living painters, therefore I really liked his talk. It of course centered around mediation of images, information systems, and cetera. It was interesting, though, to hear him speak about "computer systems". That term to me suggest his outsider status to a point of view that I completely take for granted. That view being from one more native to this information technology environment. Though I should say that I was born in the VHS era, rather than the Internet era. My point is that there are more specific terms that we of a particular age deploy in order to express sensations, systems, platforms attributes and implications of data that aren't foreign to people inside of this demographic. It's like saying "mixtape" instead of "playlist".  I am not trying to disparage his talk which was thoughtful and insightful. I really appreciate his attention to visual textures and interference patterns and how those things comment on the world in which we live. I also appreciate that he inserted a Deleuze title, "Logic of Sensation" when describing what he was after. Very nice indeed.

Otherwise Nam June Paik is in the East Building Tower at the National gallery. Talk about a statement about mediated images vs. reality. He had it in spades. The works filling the tower aren't the schizoid pieces. Rather, they demand attention in the opposite way, with quietude.

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Justin said...

Just stumbled across your blog, good stuff! A friend of mine just bought a new telephone and told me while looking through the manual (and it actually did have a manual!) that he didn't understand a lot of what it was saying because the terms were jargon to him. He now has to look up things on google (thank goodness he knows how to do that) just to figure out how to change the volume.

Well, tough cookies are always worth the crumbs I guess. Education for "computer terms" - Just don't forget "offline life" trying to learn in the process!