Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweepin' Up Over By the Cigarette Machine

My week off has included drawing one and a half versions of a bouquet fight and hanging three -count 'em THREE- big paintings outside of my studio in the hallway. Not optimal viewing, but you'll have to swing by the big show in August to get the full effect. This open studio tonight is just a teaser. Come by...rain be damned! You'll get to see Molotov Slide Tackle as well as some drawings in the flesh too.

I've been averaging 104.93 hours on each of these big paintings.

I'll be reviewing a new (new translation that is) Karel Appel book for ARLIS.

I finally renewed my WPADC membership. I fact, I renewed it so recently that my profile isn't even up yet.

Someone wrote in via facebook with a great misreading of one of the studies for the next painting. I am going to employ this misreading to heeeelarious effect.

image via: Eastman House