Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Acquisition!

Artist: Anonymous
Media: Photo reproduction, packing tape, duct tape, felt tip pen, plexiglass
No Title
Date: 2010
There is a story that goes with this one...
This piece was done by a guy I remember from the bad old days of art supply retail. This artist, let's call him "Melvin,"  used to come to the store, from the then nearby Tower Records, with CD's and promotional posters that he had stolen. He would try and give us the CD's because we would give him scraps of illustration board so that he could make something resembling what you see above. He would also try and get bus fare out of us too, which got pretty annoying.

I used to have another work that was actually better than this one. (If you can believe it.) It was a picture of Cesaria Evora, sandwiched between a piece of plexiglass and illustration board and inscribed on the verso with the words "Big Foot Lady I Love You". Oh! I didn't mention his foot "thing". He had one of our coworkers step on one of these images, then disappear to the bathroom for a while.

I have recently spotted him lurking around the LPs at DC Public Library. He left what you see above behind for the music librarian. She had it on top of a pile of books in her office, kind of befuddled as to why she had it at all. I explained his story, or at least as much of it as I know, and she was quick to hand it over. It is now hanging proudly in my studio.