Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carpentry = Hope + Wishes + Fuzzy Math

Happy to report that the final two panels have been stretched and primed. Only 1/8" out of square, which I can take care of later.

This is such a relief because I am that much closer to being able to paint the other paintings I haven't been painting, save the Molotov painting, which you've seen. I sometimes test out ideas for future paintings in these big paintings, but I have had to keep myself in check for continuity reasons. Which is weird.

In this time I completed two drawings called "Bouquet Fight". One of them is the aftermath of a bouquet massacre at a banquet -which is an idea I have been trying to work out for about two years now!- and the other is set in a very idyllic, but lightning prone, landscape. Oh! I also did a tiny drawing of an axe wielding cowboy based on a Bewick engraving. One of the cowboys is tripping over an exposed root, ready to get chopped.

image via: LOC/Flickr Commons