Friday, October 2, 2009

(meyerh)OFF To The Races

I got some new, really kick ass, sable brushes that hold paint for days. This is a good thing while painting, but not while you are cleaning them. And I clean them religiously. It's a sign of maturity you know.

I said that this week was light on the studio activity, but in reality I only missed Monday; though I was in the studio assembling furniture. The painting I have managed to do this week has been totally fussy but necessary. I have been painting water all week because I am over thinking it. I tried to get fancy and glaze in some midtones underneath these little whitecaps and it just ends up looking like blue wrinkled skin. Not appealing. I have a few hours today to set things right.

I also have to mention that yesterday I went to see the Meyerhoff bequeathment at the National Gallery. All of that paint is really invigorating. PLUS I was reunited with my bestest pal Spikes FollyII, 1960 by DeKooning (which NGA used to have a jpeg of). There was also a giant Terry Winters painting which honestly, and surprisingly, fell a little flat. There are a bunch of great paintings by Johns, who I am beginning to think is the greatest thinker in art. Well, painting anyway.

image: moma

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