Monday, July 20, 2009

New Pleasures

Above are two new giant canvas panels. One sized and ready. The other...not so much.

Now they are ready to be graced with arson happy cowboys! Huzzah!

Also on this day...

I took some detail images of the first painting in this series for some promotional stuff due later this month. I tried to take a good image of the completed "Expulsion" painting, but it is too big (and my studio too small) so I get this fish-eye image.

I also (mostly) finished a drawing. I will post that soon-ish.


tim said...

Not sure if you share studio secrets...but what paints/pigments do you use?
i'm a sucker for Holbein when I can get it cheaply...I've also taken to this independent paint company in Albany called RGH. I'm also getting into using a lot of wax mediums lately.

...thought it would be fun to talk shop with paint-minded peoples...

Matthew Mann said...

I use Williamsburg primarily. Absolutely limitless color saturation. When wmsbrg. isn't available...Gamblin.

palette: yllw. ochre, fanchon red, perm. orange, perm. yllw, burnt umber, tit. white (hee hee), pruss. blue, sometimes acra violet. Also Gamsol/Stand as medium.