Thursday, July 16, 2009

Under Construction

One giant canvas panel stretched but not sized. One giant stretcher built and mostly braced. For some reason it took a long time to get the second one square. All carpentry and construction is precarious at best. If you were to see the verso of each panel you would laugh at me.

During this process I have been looking at George Catlin and Grant Wood. I just feel like I should. Catlin for his tiny towns, camps, and forts; and Wood for his woven hills and fields. It may be a passing thing, but you can really see their imaginations at work regardless of how you personally feel about Regionalism, or whatever "-ism" Catlin belongs to.

Cellini's Autobiography is providing A TON of inspiration for scenes of mischief. There is a banquet scene described that involves a cross dressing pretty-boy named Diego at Michaelangelo's place. I mean, come on! That is too perfect. Benvenuto later nearly murdered his ex-girl (Panacelia) and Luigi, whom Benvenuto had "sponsored", after warning the Luigi not to get involved with her. What a guy!

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