Friday, February 13, 2009

Find Your Way Friday!

Through Delft in 1652...GO!

Now that your back... This week has seen progress with the dancing, assassination, cowboy/ seascape that I am working on. (No pictures because I just can't take the pressure)

The Matthew Thompson interview seemed to go well and will hopefully be edited into some kind of linear conversation. Matthew referred to Marcel Broodthaer's Decore in thinking about his installation which is something I didn't expect. In a good way.

I finally sent a thank you note to the DC Commission on the Arts thinking that disbursement would come faster if I did. I was exceptionally late in sending it off to begin with. I saw a story two weeks ago that said that some of my NYC brethren weren't getting their grants if awarded in FY 09 because of budget shortfalls. Zoinks!

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