Friday, February 13, 2009

Painted Matter

image: Civilian Art Projects

Tonight there is a reception at Civilian for a painter who I have been curious about, Seth Adelsberger. I haven't ever seen one of his paintings in person, which is always the true test, but they look good in pixel form. The Scaffold I pictured above chiefly among them. He is part of the as yet named-at least I don't think it has been named critically- school of abstraction that's coming out of Hard-Edged Geometric Abstraction, or HE-GA as I like to call it. The godfather being Al Held on to Franz Ackerman and Tomma Abts. In Seth's case there is lots of structure with some Bacon stirred in there.

For a similarly fun time check out Eric Sall at ATM.


Mr. Visual said...

Amy Sillman is closest.

Anonymous said...

Do you think also something of Guston-- in the composition and clustering of the forms?

Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

Guston I didn't think of immediately, but surely his presence is felt. For me particularly in the works on paper.

Amy Sillman is relevant, but I almost think she is more in the stream of Modernity (not a slight) with her chopped up picture planes and forms. Seth's paintings are a bit more (not in the pejorative sense) decorative.

thriftstoremodernist said...

Hey Matt- Thanks for the post. Id like to see what you thought after seeing the work in person. Definitely Guston and Sillman influences. More so in my work from 2005-2006. see:


Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

Yeah, I have to get back there under non-reception circumstances. So far "Red Dawn" is the big winner.