Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Isn't going through a bookstore or library and recognizing the book jacket art, or designer, something like a super power? Like seeing through walls or something? "Oh! That's Chipp Kidd!" or "OY! That's Carpaccio!" Better still is knowing what paintings dust jacket photos/designs are referring to. There is nary a thing that makes me geek out more.

In other news...I was sick over the weekend as you may have heard, so here is a list of things to get you through the oncoming season of infirmity:

Eddy Current Suppression Ring


Moby Dick (I finshed it finally!)


Cuban Black Beans (I will never divulge the secret recipe)

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Fresh Air (linked to 10/20 show with Michael Pollan)


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