Saturday, October 18, 2008

Post Renaissance Drip

Feeling marginally better. Thanks for asking...

I celebrity spotted Fred Wilson at Kramer Books but Mostly Restaurant on Friday evening! He seems like a nice fellow, but I didn't say anything to him. I tend to play stuff like that as if it totally doesn't matter, but my inner self was squealing with delight. His work is too "deep" to simply say, "I like your work." So, I said nothing. Although I know it's nice to hear that someone appreciates your work.

I spent the day Friday in the studio painting a "peacock" in a tree in the "Mugging" painting. Actually my peacock looks more like a weird goose. This painting is going to be a visual feast I assure you! And only 14" x 18"!

While painting I heard a discussion with John Adams, Penny Woolcock, and Gerald Finley on Science Friday. The interview was about Adams's terrific and beautiful and haunting Doctor Atomic. It is being performed currently at the Met. You can hear an excerpt of Doctor Atomic here.

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