Monday, June 30, 2008

I Get Ideas...I Get Ideas

On Friday I started two paintings. The "volcano tree" (not it's real title) and a still-life. This is not my first foray into working on two paintings at once, but this is the first time it hasn't been ruinous. Then again it has so far only been one day.

I have had this still-life in mind since April. I am only too happy to return to this kind of painting after the strangeness of the Cinecitta work. The "volcanic tree" is going quite a bit faster, but is also about 1/64 the size of the still-life, which is also incrementally scaled down. Both paintings are in need of some adjustments, as I -and you- can already tell. I have only lost a few hours sleep over them already.

I think it is easier for me to imagine "stuff" now. Rather, I am more comfortable with imagination and it's role in my work. I have always thought to myself that invention, based on a comprehensive knowledge of how visuality works, is a higher order of painting; to both observe something, and elaborate on it, making it better than reality. 

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