Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Name That Town Contest!

Here is a little town that I painted into the background of my current painting. It is not as good as this or that. Really what else can I say. If you look closely you see a little road winding among the buildings and trees. It is so precious.

Whomever can invent the most creative name for this little town will see their town name in the title of the painting! BUT WAIT! THAT'S NOT ALL! You will also win a drawing featuring a cowboy wielding a board with a nail in it. Also in this drawing is the "hand of God" delivering the gift of booze. Pencil on paper. 9x12 inches. Incentive enough? I thought so.

Leave titles in the comments section. Relatives and cohabitants are prohibited from entering as they own so much work already. The juror will be the stunning and sophisticated Ms. Lady Friend of The Phillips Collection here in Washington, DC. Deadline is June 1. Free to enter for everyone over the age of 18.


watie said...

OK, my submission is:

Dio preziosa mano (di bevande)


god's precious hand (of drink)

Anonymous said...

Ok...I say call it Coquelet.

it sounds like a nice small, isolated town you might find on a river somewhere...but actually it refers to a spring chicken, or a game hen.
BUT you also get the art history reference...because a spring chicken is called a Poussin