Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Omnivore's Delight!

Tha MAN's interview with Anne Ellegood was enlightening. Even though he doesn't like Rubens?! And that colors all. But to paraphrase Bill Jensen, I only understand Rubens through DeKooning.

The interview did however put to rest my un-aired theory that the museum was helping over-inflate the market value of the paintings. Whew! I knew it was too crazy to be true. Thanks for putting my overactive imagination to rest.

Why so cynical you ask? Why so pessimistic?

It's this damn economy that's why! And here are some strategies for artists of all stripes to cope.

1) Pretend it's not happening and that you can, in fact, eat.

2)Drink Yuengling Lager ($6.53) instead of Stella Artois ($9.89). But not too much!

3)Check out DVDs from your local library. (That is if you are NetFlix-less) The collections are more up to date than I expected.

4) Visit Duplex Planet for some entertainments. There is a blog too.

5) If you are capable of growing a wooly red beard, then you may be able to earn some extra cash by donning a straw hat and paint spattered clothes and posing in front of the National Gallery as VanGogh. (this was a real suggestion submitted to me by more than one person who shall all remain nameless) Do I look like him? Even from the side?