Tuesday, December 6, 2011


self in front of Os Gemeos mural in Wynwood. 

Returned from Scope last Friday anxious to return to painting. I in fact painted some pretty good water today. Meanwhile at the fair a couple of blogs found my paintings to their liking. Warholian.com and artfairblog.
(Sarah Nobel's video works are also in the Warholian slide thingy too.) This is especially flattering given the unbelievable diversity and number of artists represented there. It is going to sound totally biased, but
Hamiltonian's booth had a really unique point of view in the fair context. I was really proud to be a part of it.

I also visited some of the bigger fairs. Like this little one called Art Basel Miami Beach. Have you heard of this one? Me neither. I had my eye on a Jonathan Lasker painting, so I asked to see if there was some reciprocal "anything" with exhibitors from other fairs, which set off an alarm in the exhibitors' hall signaling for

them to turn the (mostly) paintings and sculptures inside out, rendering them un-viewable. A well coordinated
effort to be sure. But seriously folks, Basel is full of the greatest art of now (and yesterday), as well as the specimens who deal and purchase it. Oh yes, the people watching in Miami at this time is unparalleled.

M'kay...I lost focus with this post, so I am going back to researching John Martin. I am sticking a half remembered version of this into a painting currently under way. Best get back to it.

Miami: 80 degrees and sunny
DC: upper 50's and raining

My traveling companion (and wife) gives a more detailed travelogue here.

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