Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ropa Vieja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be at Scope Miami in a couple of weeks. If you are there you should stop by booth A-22 to see some paintings. The one pictured above will be there, in addition to three others of this sort. I am excited for this to be sure, but I am double excited for Cuban pastries and ropa vieja. As I typed that my mouth began to water.

While I am waiting for packing materials to arrive, I started a new painting yesterday, and I am really pleased with the underpainting. I am doing this grisaille thing to make my life easier later. At least I think that that is what will happen.This painting is all intersecting gestures. I have no idea what the subject could be. The other panel that is waiting for paint is definitely going to be a heist picture. It will similarly have intersecting whatnots, and there will definitely be something getting stolen.

I realized that the last post didn't include any details of my glorious artist lifestyle. Sorry about that. The "seeds and stems" edition is as follows:

Eating: Kale
Drinking: Virginia Gentleman but thinking about Four Roses
Listening: Superpitcher, Bach, Poulenc almost anything I have a CD of because my iPod is deceased.
Shoes: Vans without laces
Watching: La Danse (awesome documentary about ballet at the Paris Opera)

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