Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breakin' Too

I finished a little painting of an island city on fire! I like painting those little towns in paintings so much that I just decided to paint one all by itself, then set it on fire. It also has a little bit of a street layout that you can see in the way that the buildings are situated. I think I am going to do a bunch of these.

I also started a small cowboy painting. I didn't really think that would happen, but last Monday morning it just popped out. It is on panel which I have never worked on before. I found a whole pile of them in a nook when I moved into my studio. And now I have come to believe that oil paint was engineered -probably by a superior Martian race- specifically for applying to wood panels. It is pretty amazing. One can really get all of their old master ya-yas out. As you may have intuited this painting is going really well. But they all do at the beginning until I start pressuring myself to actually make it good.

The multi-paneled "dragon/St. George/target practice" painting is going less smoothly, but it is at that pressure stage mentioned above. Okay,'s the water. I love painting it, but it usually takes me three or four tries to get it right.

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