Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Technological Spectacles

My stereoscopic glasses will be here soon so let the perceptual mayhem begin! I found instructions for making stereograph drawings from the 40's written by a crystallographer. He used this method to illustrate atomic structure. The resulting diagram is really interesting, but his language is impenetrable. So I am still sort of doing it trial and error. But as Kings of Convenience sang, "failure is the best way to learn."

One thing I have already noticed in my tinkering with drawing stereo images is that there is a lot of light pulsation that results from optical mixing. I am sure that I'm doing it wrong, but it is pretty cool. This pulse -it's a lot like the pulse that you find in the intersections of Mondrian's black lines- is sort of what gives this sensation of looking at a dimensional rendering even if it is not stereoscopic. It's hard to describe, but the pulsing is allover the image. I will post both successful drawings and failures soon-ish. However, unless you already have your stereoscope devises you will have to view them cross eyed. I don't recommend doing this at your place of business unless you are alone.

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