Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Steal This Issue!

Surprise! Surprise! I am one of 10 "Ecstatic Chromatics" in the current issue of DC Modern Luxury. This is the result of the interview I had mentioned early in November. Jeffery Cudlin, I think, stole the show. Look for it at a salon or boutique near you.

"Noble" and "Cross-eyed" have been adjectives to describe my visage. I will take either one. The verbiage accompanying the photo is nice too. Better than I could have written for sure. I am a bit more flattered than I was previously.

In the background you can see the very nearly completed (at that time)paintings which you can see a little further down the page. It was before I had gotten the clouds painted. That makes me squirm only slightly.

Now back to it...

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