Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Painting and Talking

I gave a short interview that will appear in DC Modern Luxury next month. I think I said some smart-ish stuff. I hope so anyway. I didn't get to use the terms "ontological difference" or "verisimilitude", but I did get to use the word "officialdom". I have no idea what of my words the editors will select. Hopefully not all of the "uhhhs..." and "ummms". There is only going to be a picture with about a 50 word profile. I don't know if I was appreciative enough of the interest in my work, so, if you're out there Philippa...THANK YOU!

I am really in the final throws of these two paintings (pictured above in their infancy). If you'll pardon the immodesty, they are starting to look really good. I am going to give myself the full two weeks that I have left to get everything right.

Meanwhile, while building the new stretchers for the next painting (that's right I am only going to build one this time) I am going to repaint the sky in the first painting. It needs it. Especially considering where I am taking the "arson" and "battle" paintings. I am also going to make a smaller painting because I am getting a little cagey working solely on giant paintings. I kind of want to test my skills on a predella panel. And I have a sketchbook filling up with ideas for little paintings.

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