Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tansey Schmansey

I came across this paragraph in a 1997 New York Times interview with Mark Tansey. He is someone that I keep forgetting about (no offense) as being relevant to my project; images, communication, meaning and such.   

''I had come to the end of what I thought of as a lover's quarrel with post-structuralism,'' says Mr. Tansey, 47, an appealing, introspective man. ''I like the idea of reverse deconstruction, which is construction. The question I am addressing now is, How do you make meaning pictorial? It's no longer about getting direct equivalence between the material and the idea. It's not about capturing the real. It's the transition, what happens between the material and the ideas. What is that interaction? I think it's basically analogy. I'm working with pictorial rhetoric; how we read different kinds of visual order.''

That last sentence is the main idea I think.

In studio news, I finished the little painting I was working on. I think. Well, it is entirely too resolved, so I'll probably tinker with it some more. Aside from that it is complete. It now has a molotov cocktail and a curlicue of smoke. It also has some reasonably well painted blades of grass. For all intents and purposes I can resume, fully focused, the giant painting.