Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FAIL Bucket Fall

The paintings are moving forward, which is better than dead still. At this point, each time I visit them something positive happens. By that I mean I complete something; a skyline, a shirt or two, some smoke. The pieces and parts are starting to come together and make sense. Pictorially speaking.

The grant period is closing so I am making some 11th hour purchases. Unfortunately some panels that I had ordered are now on "backorder". Which is a shame because I had hoped to sneak in a little painting based on an image from the Barney's Coop catalog. It will be like "cowboy hazing", or something like that.

I still haven't ordered a step stool yet either. I guess I like the thrill of nearly falling off my upturned bucket. I should post a picture of it. It's pathetic really.

As usual, images of the paintings are on the way.

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