Monday, May 11, 2009

What Sort of Defilement Do You Mean, I Wonder?

As part of my research for this project I am reading The Infancy Gospel of James. An apocryphal book where the story of Joachim is told, however, the book is primarily about Mary.

I don't know that the translation I am reading is particularly great. I should read a different translation just to satisfy the skeptic in me. None the less it is tremendously interesting reading. As simply a story, one begins to pick up on these themes and references that aren't explicitly chauvinist, but pretty chauvinist when you stop to consider them. Here is one from chapter 8:

"When she turned twelve, a group of priests took coucil together , saying, 'Look, Mary has been in the temple of the Lord for twelve years." (already a continuity problem as Mary went to the temple at age 3 in this story. And sent to Joseph at 16.) It continues, "What should we do about her now, so that she does not defile the sanctuary of the Lord God?"

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