Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My freakouts in front of great paintings are less productive.

image: Wikepedia, of course

For some reason I have been hearing the name of Martinu a lot lately. He was a Czech composer - or East Bohemian if you like- and until this year I had never heard of him. There is a hidden significance to this because he wrote -and I am currently listening to- a work of his called "Frescos of Piero Della Francesca"!

Martinu wrote these pieces after being inspired by the "Stations of the Cross" in Arezzo and the then recently uncovered "Ressurection" in San Sepulcro. Martinu's Piero is in fact pretty Romantic. I can sympathize with his responce. I would have expected the music to sound a little closer to Berg. Just sayin'

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