Monday, January 12, 2009

Prat Abuse? Call Social Services.

I have been neglectful of you because...well, I have gotten myself into a lot of work. I have been drawing and drawing in preparation for an exhibition proposal because I haven't actually painted the paintings. Then those drawings will serve as the studies for the paintings. Today I only had two hours to devote to them and I didn't even finish one. I mostly finished it. Also I have to write the proposal. Writing, despite the expert wordsmithery that you find here, is not that easy for me. I mean pratting on with a blog is a lot more tolerable than pratting on in an artist statement or exhibition proposal or real life believe me.

I did do a somewhat prissy/fussy cowboy drawing over the weekend. It is a reasonable attempt at one of those far away Dutch landscapes. There is some other crazy and hilarious stuff going on as well. I will post an image soon, so you know what I'm talking about. Until I do I will leave you with a hint: There is a jump-rope accident in this one.

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