Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, It's On Now!

The Cinecitta Chapel Project is receiving funding from the Young Emerging Artist Program here in Washington DC. (One of the early studies is pictured above) So, for the next year I will be embedded with my murderous cowboys. There are going to be 6 paintings at 6' x 6.5'
Wish me Luck.

I will likely start a blog about the progression of the work as the project emerges. A link will soon be produced as soon as the check is in my meaty palms.

So this is my official return from Holiday Island. I took a brief respite from the isle to do a drawing, but was immediately plunged back into drink and socializing. The drawing is finished now. You will see a image soon enough.


Claudia said...

AWESOME!!! Congrats Matt!!

Radical Rachel said...

OH MY CONGRATULATIONS! That is huge and wonderful news and I am SO excited for you (and for us to see all your fabulous work). Seriously, if we were in DC, we would celebrate until we couldn't see...and then get some Chinese food.

Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

Maybe we can do that in 2010, whe I actually finish all this stuff.