Friday, January 16, 2009

...And In This Bunker...

Whilst in your bunker/igloo/lean-to this weekend with you Stump Jump you might also like to curl up with a Raw Vision, a magazine devoted to outsider art. The print reproductions are phenomenally great!

I like "outsider art" a whole lot because it is simply imagination run amok. And I admire that. I think in many ways that the great Sienese painters that I have admired all of my adult life were pretty "outsidery" with all of their wonky planes, floating figures and broken architecture.

My Mom, who is a painter more or less in the "outsider" tradition told me once -and I think in a way it's partially true- she told me that I went to art school to learn instinct. That's what Stanley Lewis used to say. "Your very first painting was your best!"

Again, I only kind of agree with this statement. I think that the painting before last, was my best.

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