Monday, December 8, 2008

View Traffic and Emotional Patterns Around NGA's New Winters

In a bold move recently NGA leaps in to the late 80's with a newly acquired Terry Winters painting named Bitumen. Have I mentioned him enough lately? Terry Winters. Ever heard of him? Are you tired of it?

I am really happy for them. Moreover, I am really happy for me because painting has become a focus there lately. The hanging of another recent acquisition, Alex Katz Swamp Maple, was a good move as well. There is a new eye in Modern and Contemporary Art at the NGA, no?

Speaking of eyes...Herald Tribune also reports on "visualization" of information, or Biomapping. Which seems profound in ways that I can't yet compute. You may have already seen these warped looking maps based on such delimiters as population density, drought, happiness, etc.

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Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

This Katz repro is really off! Sorry.