Friday, October 3, 2008

A* Kicking Friday!

One thing I appreciate about poets, in addition to being in roughly the same tax bracket as painters, is their taste in sweaters. Take for instance Ted Kooser, who I've mentioned here before. In this picture he is wearing a sweater not unlike one of my favorite sweaters that I own. Mine is Scottish wool, picked up in Edinburgh, on a rainy day on High Street. I know, I know...Tourist trap! "It's probably Wool/Poly blend", you say. This is true and disappointing indeed, but it makes me look like a very comfortable poet. I like to think Ted's sweater is of the same stuff. And please enjoy this installment of the American Life In Poetry Project that he has undertake with the LOC.

I was asked to be a grant panelist this month which will be interesting, as I have only just applied for my first grant ever. I like being involved though. I imagine that it's a little like being inside of the watch works. After this experience I am sure that all of my future grant proposals will Kick F*ing A* and buckets of money will rain down!

Thanks to a question from reader a few days ago, I stumbled across a website dedicated to phonography and phonographers. It is shockingly called

Finally, tomorrow I will be exactly half way to 62. Wish me luck.


watie said...

You know, Ted not only has outstanding choices in sweaters, but can sport an indian blanket sportcoat with the best of them.

Seriously, living in Nebraska now I am forced to produce at least on collaborative act with our favvorite son, Ted Kooser. Last month Opera Omaha premiered an oratorio based on his poems called "blizzard voices" and I impersonated the designer.

Little tip: when you get your picture taken with him, you look like a manly giant.

Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

Sorry to break it to you Watie, but you are a manly giant!