Monday, October 6, 2008

Correspondence From Myopia

Over the weekend I was walking through my neighborhood and found an intensely magenta flower in a neighbors yard. My girlfriend exclaimed, "I want something made out of that color!"

And this, gentle reader, is what Joseph Marioni aspires to. I made a little jab at him last week with the "philosophicality" remark, but have now seen the light. He wants to make something out of "that" color. And how does one talk about this without invoking vague terms. It's a vague sounding ambition, but understandable. This realization changed my perspective on work made out of, and about, shimmery, painted color. I have always really liked James Turrell's light pieces, but painting light is quite another endeavor. Rothko, as a result, came into a different kid of focus for me too.

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