Thursday, September 11, 2008

Louisiana (Not the one with the Big Easy)

There is a big Per Kirkeby retrospective at the Louisiana Modern. This is doubly exciting because there is a catalogue to go with it! And I am a sucker for books.

Ever since I was a wee undergraduate I have been head over heels for Per's Danish, Romantic, heavy on the scrawled mark , abstractions. I have only ever seen a couple of his paintings in person. One at the Albright Knox and another at a exhibition of wealthy St. Louisians' collections at Washington University way back in 1998.

I am okay with dear Per after the 1970's. From the 80's onward his work is gold!

None of the sculptures please me, though I haven't seen any in the flesh. So maybe not a fai assesment.


tim said...

Finally, a major Kirkeby show in the USA!

tim said...

err...nevermind. ignore that please.
I'll leave it up for your amusement.

Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

Yeah, sorry Tim. We have to get the catalog.