Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DC's Pickle Ship

So, I often complain about DC architecture, which I know isn't fair. Here is a prime example just down the street from Bistro Bis. So, grab a sidecar and visit 500 New Jersey Avenue NW to see it. 

Opened in 2004, the National Association of Realtors HQ was designed by Gund Associates of Cambridge, MA. Seen looking south , the building resembles a glass ship sliding along New Jersey Ave. NW. This building's profile and materials are a surprising contrast to the very stoic, Neo-Classical, or glass box aesthetic that surrounds it. The blue glass in this case interacts pleasurable with the clouds in the sky. (Have I talked about my addiction to clouds on this blog yet?) It might just qualify as the DC Gherkin with a severe height restriction. I wish buildings in DC could truly fly like the eagle, but really DC doesn't need any more monuments to the phallus.

Stay tuned for other architectural treasures new and old that dot our vastly changing skyline.


Bernard Levy is going to be a guest on the Kojo Nnamdi show today!

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Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

In ancient DC history there used to be a train stations on this site. In the 19th century this city was nothing but churches and train station, I tell you!