Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jury Duty: Ryders on The Storm

At SAAM in gallery E223 you will find the Ryder paintings! I went there during my juror lunch break and did a little drawing from the above painting. I had to hurry through it, but it was a real shot of adrenaline. The trees look a bit like how one of my teachers paints trees. Very present hunks of trees. I also like that the topography is addressed by the shadow of the cows and trees.

The giant placard before you will state that Ryder was painting during the Gilded Age. I thought that was funny because his paintings look like he used Kiwi Shoe Polish as a paint medium.

Another lovely surprise of a painting from the SAAM Collection is this Carl Holty. Shockingly Helion moves here. I initially thought of DeKooning, but I mentioned him once already today. Besides Jean Helion is a more appropriate reference in this case.

Happy looking!

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Matthew said...

I am serious about the shoe polish in Ryder. Legend has it that he did use it.