Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Facts Friday

1. According to Kerry James Marshall his Gap t-shirt which currently reads, "Everything will be alright, I just know it will", was originally intended to read "Enemy of the Police State". This was relayed during the lecture in May. It features a little black girl in a flowery dress, her fist raised in protest.

Gap was maybe hoping for something with pretty colors.

2. In the back of this volume of Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four comics there is a two page spread featuring "Questions and Answers About The Fantastic Four". It is really a joy to learn that Mr. Fantastic's suit is made out of "Unstable Molecules" which totally explains how his suit stretches along with his elastic limbs.

Also did you know that Sue Storm commutes to Central City from the suburbs? I didn't think so! Nobody knew that. I think it's funny that she is a "Bridge and Tunneler" super heroine.

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