Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reel 2 Real

I revisited the Cinema Effect: Dreams in order to revisit the Amy Sillman paintings and to show both exhibitions to my best friend. In so doing I felt that some of the work was even more out of sync with the conceptual cant of the show. The above Rodney Graham chief among them. Richard B. Woodward nailed the message of Rheinmetall/Victoria 8 and it's machinations. The rest of the review I am not in accord with. The work didn't support the mission enough for me. Dreamy surreality or not. You may have heard this one before.

This second visit saw the passing of the "my favorite" title from Release to Rheinmetall. I came away more in love with the Tacita Dean as well. It is quite like a painting, and I would say that I am a most patient viewer.

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