Thursday, March 6, 2008


It may be because I haven't slept very well for the past two nights, but I feel like that little kid in the foreground of the giant Courbet ...Seven Years of My Artistic Life today. Just hypnotised.

I never get tired of reading biographical articles about artists. Never! So, here is some fuel for the fire. I am also bananas for photographs of artist's studios. 


sjw said...

I too am a complete sucker for studio photos--and better yet, have you been to the Morandi Museum in Bologna?--I think I may have spent more time studying his reconstructed studio and searching for clues about how he worked than I did actually looking at the paintings--that's maybe an exaggeration but you get the drift.

Matthew said...

I have been to the Morandi Museum! And I too spent an inordinant amount of time looking at how he stored his stuff. I have to say that it did change the way I set up my studio space.
I also have a book called Artists At Work. It has very fashionable artists circa 2000 in their studios. And their studios are terrific!!! Terry Winters OWNS/OWNED a building in Tribeca!!! For instance.