Friday, March 7, 2008

Sixteen and Life

Right, well my end game is getting a little better. I have this painting in "check", but the painting is only a few moves away from defeating me. Okay, that was hyperbole, but the green reproduction is going to be tough because it is really complex. I haven't been able to focus on it long enough to break it apart and see what I can work with. It was in another painting from about a year ago, and I think I really wimped out on it. I made the green totally opaque, and it wasn't even a great green, as well as severely reducing the design. In defense of myself I didn't think the painting could withstand all of that decoration.

I went to the studio today not wanting to paint on it. I am incapable of working on two paintings at a time too. I have tried and tried but the process slows to much for me. If I had an actual Cowboy painting going right now I wouldn't even be this far along on the still-life. It's such a gauntlet. I did, though, have two piles of whites and a pile of a murky green left over, so I ruined an ancient painting of mine. It is a blobby mess, just moving the brush around through the paint. It was a good way to decompress though, because this carpet reproduction has me on edge.

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