Monday, February 4, 2008

Mea Culpa

Okay by day four of working I was finally able to post day three and four. Now Day 2 is included! I'll see if I can make a slideshow with a soundtrack to post at a later date to take up the slack.

See if you can spot the 20 differences between each picture! It's like the Washington Post Magazine! Fun!

The painting is starting to solidify a little. I have already spent a good amount of time retracing my steps. But slowly a painting is beginning to emerge.

I am liking the compartment of space over there on the right. It is something I tried in an earlier painting to a lesser effect. However now that compartment is calling to mind those remote pagodas in Chinese landscapes. You know, where the scholar sits and the floor is tipped precariously upward in it's isometric-ness.

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