Saturday, January 26, 2008

Right! Well... Here is the first in a line of "Cine Citta" paintings. This one is officially titled Cine Citta: Pollock versus Gorky. It is acrylic on paper for a change. I'm not clear on it's measurements. I think it's roughly36"x60" piu e meno.

You can see it in the flesh if you are headed by the Honfleur Anniversary Gala this evening at 7pm.
It hangs in the first studio on your right after you climb the stairs. You can see it in sittu complete with the Piero reproduction that I took some of the landscape elements from.


Michael said...

I really like the balance between stasis and action. It gives it the seething potential that is so sexy to the kids these days. I hope you intend to do a whole series of these.
BTW: is Cine Citta a generic reference to cinema city or a direct reference to the classic movie studio (Cinecitta) in Rome.

Matthew said...

It is a reference to the Roman movie studio. I thought it would offer a bit of context. To some degree we know what a "Cowboy" is becuase of Sergio Leone. Then the swashbuckling Ab-Exers come in with their cowboy ways.

I am going to be writing a Small Projects Grant to set about making more. Grant or no grant I will be working on them along with the other paintings.

Claudia said...

I really really like this! Can't wait to see the next installment (and the blog posts leading up to it).

Amanda said...

Hi there!

SO I was you think David Bates would appreciate this? I think so! I could send him the link to your blog, if you like. Not like we're best buddies or anything, but a cowboy painting with a reference to Giotto would be, like, SO his jam. I think he'd chuckle over it at the very least.

I really hope you get the funding to do this a series a la Scrovegni chapel! So fun! So clever! So NOW!

Matthew said...

I quite like David Bates actually. Maybe he would get a kick out of them.
No se?