Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Journaling and Acne Moutnain

I am in the studio painting these landscapes that I made up. They collectively describe a terrain around a mountain made of drapery not surprisingly called Drapery Mountain. The function of a mountain made of drapery comes from looking at a Domenico Veneziano painting and deciding that the mountains look like drapery. Or at least the way that drapery was more or less represented at that time. Plus that was apparently a technique of people like Giovanni Di Paolo (and presumably Domenico Veneziano) where he would -according to Kenneth Clark- bring rocks into the studio to serve as models for mountains. I always wondered how G di P's mountains ended up looking like pimples rising from a gridded field. This is how I guess. But don't worry. I am not going to make any paintings featuring "pimple mountain". That would I am a little nauseous thinking about it.

This is the general topography, or topology, or "topocosm" since it is the more lovely word, of the paintings  right now. There are a lot of pieces and parts going into the work. In addition to mountains of leaves and drapery, I am now putting these "parks" into the landscapes where the walkways are designed after Persian tiles. I am also working hard right now at jamming the construction and readability of that conventional Claude/Poussin landscape mode to represent a sensation of looking at images, and having more than one perceptual experience at once. I just finished a painting like that yesterday. It is really strange. Bear with me on that one.

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