Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey man, it's Summer

I am reading John Ruskin's (pictured) chapter in Modern Painters called "Of Cloud Beauty". Is that not the most beautiful title? (A close second would be the title of David Mitchell's book Cloud Atlas, which I am also currently reading. It isn't about clouds.) In "Of Cloud Beauty" Ruskin is waxing on about clouds and their substance, musing about how they stay aloft, their shapes and how he doesn't know why they are that shape, but he is sure that the wind isn't responsible. The field of modern meteorology must have only been taking shape as of his writing. It is an entertaining read none the less. That is, if you are a hopeless dork.

Otherwise, it occurred to me this morning that I have been painting trees for the last couple of weeks. It is only a little tiresome. I'll pull through. During this time too I had forgotten how horrible the sky was in the "drapery mountain" painting. I will have to fix that before I go to the beach. Where I will no doubt be studying clouds and reading Ruskin.

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