Monday, July 30, 2012

End the Beginning

Here is a recent start for a probable "Eruption at Drapery Mountain".  Clearly there was a lot of leftover green in the studio, in addition to wanting a green and salmon sky. I am going for something a little more barren, or volcanic, rather than lush, so that green in the foreground will probably go. I am reasonable happy with it so far except for my impatience preparing the surface. It just drinks paint. Soon though it'll be drinking hot lava.

This is a down and dirty image of the recently completed View From Drapery Mountain painting. It is an odd painting, which is about all I'll say about it for the moment. Other than it is modestly scaled at 60x50 inches.

Also, the Fall/Winter 2012, and Spring 2013 schedule is starting to take shape. Stay tuned for that as things become finalized.

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