Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Question

I gave a talk over the weekend at the Luce Foundation Center that by all accounts went well. I spoke convincingly about Uncle Jack Dey being as masterful as Duccio. I didn't really say that, but there are some similarities that I thought were interesting. But the funniest question of the day came after a few minutes of talking to the audience about my own paintings. This old guys who reminded me of Lloyd Bridges blurts out, "Is there a market for this kind of thing?!" I had a great time.

Saturday's performance of Perspectivoyage went much better than the first. There are only two more performances, one on the 26th and another on the 2nd of July. My old friend John Lee was there, and he incidentally, is giving a performance called "Feed Me" at WPADC on Thursday.

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